Our building is available for rent for concerts, shows, dance performances, film festivals, company meetings, and other events. For most of these rentals, we may hire staff as ushers, stage door attendants, and/or building attendants. We aim to welcome, help, and create great experiences for all our rentals.

The current open positions are as follows:

  • BuildingĀ  Oversight: Responsible for the entire venue, oversees all team members, and direct contact between the venue, client and vendors. (Experience is required)
  • Team Lead: Ushers and Guest Services: Oversee and manage ushers, resolve customer service inquiries, work with event organizers and the rest of the Centre Staff (Stage Door and Facility) to ensure the event runs smoothly, and coordinate Security Staffing as needed. (Experience is required).
  • Stage Door Attendant: Ensure only authorized persons can access the building through our stage door entrance. (Experience is required)
  • Building Attendant: Ensure building setup and event teardown are covered and oversee maintenance/building-related issues. (Experience is required)
If you would like to join The Centre, please apply below.